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Indian Comics Industry has long been under scrutiny. From Comic Con events to speeches at schools, we were asked by lots of fans that when lot of international companies have their own superheroes universe, when is TBS Planet Comics coming out with one of its own? And it is a pleasure for us to now announce that TBS Planet Comics already has started building its own universe.

Indian Comics Superheroes launched so far by TBS Planet

So far we have launched the characters – Ved, Varun, Karma, Raat, Yug, Takshak and Uttara. And we are about to launch Rudra this week! And that’s not all – we will be introducing some very interesting characters in coming months!

TBS Planet Comics is introducing its own Indian comics superheroes universe - Ved, Varun, Karma, Yug, Takhsak, Rudra, Utttara and Raat

TBS Planet Comics is introducing its own Indian comics superheroes universe – Ved, Varun, Karma, Yug, Takhsak, Rudra, Utttara and Raat

List of our Indian Comics Superheroes

Each of these superheroes have their own powers. Each have their own identity. Let us tell you a bit about all these characters


Ved is a Delhi based detective who uses his wit and intellect to solve cases. Brought up by magician Anand, he is a ventriloquist and an illusionist. The character is truly Indian in nature and was among #1 bestseller on Amazon in Indian comics category.


After Mahabharat times, when Dwarka got submerged, a new species started under water. One of the babies came afloat who was Lord Varun’s incarnation. Watch out for adventures of this water based superhuman. Varun series is Indian comics series inspired from mythology but based in modern fantasy.


What goes around comes around – is the law of Karma. One of the most intriguing characters of our comics superhero universe. Karma punishes criminal to the extent of crime. For eg. if you steal something from someone, he will steal something from you and make you realize the mistake.


An immortal warrior. He had been saved by King of Devpur during a war for a mission. The mission of uprooting evil from the planet. Based in thousands of years ago, this superhero of the past has some interesting adventures.


Snake-man superhero from TBS Planet Comics universe. He is currently in Mumbai to find the pearl of time, also known as “Kaal-Moti”


Son of Vayu. Blessing of Shiva. Rudra is among the most fierce and powerful characters of TBS Planet Comics Universe. As Veer, he works as a tourist guide in Haridwar.


The water-princess. Daughter of King Mahendra, she is the princess of Haritdweep. Currently a part of Varun’s comic books, she is soon set to make special appearances in other superhero comic books as well. Her secrets were revealed in comic book “Uttara” launched at Comic Con Bangalore 2017.


Raat is a vigilante at Bangalore and trying to protect the city from attacking criminals. Under her identity Nisha she has been working at a leading news publication – Canal News.

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