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Rudra : The Newest Indian Comics Superhero

By December 31, 2017Comics

“Rudra” in Rig Veda has been related to the “mightiest of the mighty” and is associated with winds and storm.  This comic book series “Rudra” is a tribute to the deity and loosely based on its reincarnation.

Comic book available here.

The story starts 10,000 years ago when “The Great War” had just ended at the Swarglok. During the Great War, the Asuras were overpowering the Devas and had captured the Varuna and Agni Deva. Vayu Deva was concerned as the element he controlled was most required by the species – Air and if he was to be captured, then nothing could be done to save the ecosystem on planet Earth which was still nurturing.

Seeing the plausible problem, Vayu approached Lord Shiva. Basis Shiva’s advice, Vayu transferred his powers to his new-born and casted a Sphatik around him.  The baby was later left on Himalayas so that Asuras cannot find him. And it remained so for centuries.

But twenty one years back something happened – something that broke the sphatik around the baby – something that caused the baby to wake up. He was then adapted by a couple and started growing. But as the baby grew, he observed strange things about himself – Whenever he had an emotion, bad things happened- strong winds got hurled, storms started, hurricanes arrived. Somehow the boy who was named as “Veer” by his parents learnt to control his emotions.

However today when Veer is serving as a tourist guide at Haridwar, Uttarakhand with his sister Gita, he is about to witness one of his deepest fears – the fear that would awoke the power inside him – the fear that would arise RUDRA.

Here is a panel from the comic book where Veer is explaining one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots of Haridwar – “Har Ki Pauri” to the tourists.


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