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If you are an entrepreneur, you will totally relate to these 10 comic strips!

Hey, Are you an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is tough. Ain’t it? We know how it feels like to be an entrepreneur, but it isn’t that distressing. It’s fun learning shed-load of skills. Whether you’re in early stages of your startup or you’re ready to launch your product,  you gain a lot and these 10 comic strips perfectly relate to your journey ;

1. Chocolates getting inferiority complex.


2. When you refrain from following Mamma’s instruction:” Don’t talk to strangers”


3.  Social Media becoming your so called “BESTIE”.


4. Finally! You’re a multi-tasker.



5.  Dang! Your startup took away all your money!



6. Planting is fun!


7. Never-ending Anticipations. 

8. Try me! I like rejections!


9. Obsessed with Angels.



10. Yes, I am married. I am married to my startup.


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