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TBS Planet Mega Anniversary Sale

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We are a generation of people who keep a different world in our hands. Yes, social media has completely taken charge over our world and now it is a great means for connecting us to different people and keeping us updated with the latest trends and news. Looking at this fact, we have launched our Digital subscription plan through which we offer new comic each and every day for 365 days of a year. Yes, you get to read our comics every day. These comics reach you through WhatsApp that makes it easy to read anytime.

You can choose between genres from Action Superheroes to Horror to Comedies to Corporate/ Startup Humor to Mythology – You can mix and match whichever genres suit you best.

On top of that, the comics are available in 6 languages i.e. Hindi, English, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada that means you get to choose between your preferred language.

The comics are arranged in the form of episodes and are super easy to read while you are heading back to your home and need something to make your drive interesting, or during those short breaks when you are looking for something to freshen up your mood.

Plus, the comics are a great way to improve your reading skills, your vocabulary. And they will definitely take you to the different world of imagination and will let you wonder about the next episode.

But, the best part is yet to come, we usually offer this digital subscription at Rs. 300 but on this 2nd of July, we are celebrating 2nd anniversary of TBS Planet and on this occasion, we are organising a mega sale where this digital subscription will be distributed at Rs. 1. Isn’t that amazing?? It’s an offer you could not afford to miss.

You can get this subscription for your family, friends everyone you care about. Also, make sure your child reads the comics and we’ll make sure that he falls in love with our comic characters!!

Here is good news for you all. TBS Planet is turning 2 and for the first time, we are organising a mega sale where we are offering our digital subscription just at Rs.1. This is an offer you cannot afford to miss. Stay tuned for updates and do wait for 2nd of July.




5 comic strips depicting “Passion” drives Startups

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We all have dreams and every great dream begins with a dreamer. And to achieve it, you need to thrive rather than just surviving. Finding your passion is the toughest job but when it comes to working for a startup, you’ll only find passionate people around you. You get to learn a lot when you work with them because these are the people who are driven by their high spirit, enthusiasm and phenomenal energy. They think passion as the energy and feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites them. Let’s take a look at these top five comic strips which describes the above situation;


1. No leisure time:


2.  Commendations for doing great!


3. Internet obsession!



4. Celebrating optimism!



5. Intensifying Passion!


Success commensurate with right leadership

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‘LEADERSHIP’, this word is so common for all of us as we hear it almost every day. But, have you ever thought, what it really means? If we search for its dictionary meaning, then business dictionary defines leadership as the activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to do this. Leadership involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly, providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through coaching or mentoring. This is the exact meaning of leadership but is this the sufficient requirement? Of course not! If you want to achieve your goals, specifically speaking about entrepreneurs. ‘Right’ leadership is the quality, you need to develop while you’re working on your aspirations with different people, who are also working on the same.

Now, how an entrepreneur acquire these qualities? Being an entrepreneur, you should be specific and clear about your vision. Everything starts with a purpose and vision. Both of these, must be concrete. Once you’re done with finding purpose and deciding your vision, you need to share it with the people who share common interests because if your ideas are not intelligible to people then it’s a total time waste. Therefore, target people who are suitable and are willing to understand your ideas. Divide your work accordingly, in a way, such that it consumes less time and focuses more on provoking finished outputs. Always remember to analyze your co-workers and acquaintances, commend their work and suggest for improvements. This will motivate them to improve. A right leader always stresses on development as a whole rather than individualistic development.

You’ve to keep in mind that although you’re a leader and you maybe superior to others but everything is interdependent. You are equally dependent on others as much as they are dependent on you. This thinking will always help you to be on the ground and understand more, focus more and manage your work efficiently. You’ve to be future-oriented rather than present-intended and now, you’re right on your way to be a right leader.


4 ways in which employees are screwed in corporates !

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Corporate industry is full of potential and intellectual people who work hard day and night to increase the productivity and development of nation. But, you should know, in most of the corporates, employees are screwed in certain ways in which they are bound to work without any bonus or promotion. Employees are expected to be highly industrious and effective, and are left with no option except to work with their full potential. These are the four ways which describe the condition of employees in corporates:

 1. Early bird does more work.


2.  Happy Holidays!



3.  Beware of Boss’s Revenge!




4. False hopes!





5 Traits of a Startup Founder

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When we talk about an entrepreneurial venture specifically startups, it is always considered better than working in a traditional large company.  There are many reasons behind it but one of the most typical reasons is ‘The Boss’. Although, generally there is no such boss culture in startups but a startup founder is still the higher authority. A startup founder always believes in his team and shares a good camaraderie with the people working with him.  These traits always demarcates him from any other old soul boss. Every founder is always focused on the quality of his work rather than the bygone disciplines. That’s why startup founders are visionary, innovative and great leaders. These 5 traits make them different from others:


1. High spirit of optimism and understanding.


2. Degrees are obsolete!

3. Carving Imperfections!

4. Being asocial from inside!


5. Sense of maturity.


5 perks of being in a Startup!

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Recently, startups are considered to be most trending profession. It has grown in value, qualitatively as well as quantitatively because of its certain advantages which cannot be provided by a normal 9 to 5 job. It has also affected the emerging youth of the society who choose and prefer to work and create their own ideas rather than working under someone else’s ideas. And all this has resulted in drastic revolution and shift in the conceptions of the crowd. A startup has its own perks which makes it different and divergent from all other professions and these five comic strips perfectly delineate, how being in a startup is fun and a boon;


1. Privacy Achieved!


2. Sharing is easy!


3. Handful of Experience.


4. Startups are straight from the shoulder.


5. Chill! Even, lowers are allowed.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have these 5 attributes!

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What defines that you’re an entrepreneur? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? If you are in dilemma then this post is absolutely, a correct place for you. There is always a line of demarcation between a normal employee and an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are similar to aliens, who have different features and habits. You assuredly have these five idiosyncrasies if you’re an entrepreneur. Take a look at these five comic strips;


 1.  Flexible work hours.



2. Midnight working or cooking?


3. 1 hand, 100 jobs!


4. Saint is in house!


5. Born High!

November 5, 2018

MSG91: Connection made easy

Imagine a situation, where you want to connect with the world via SMS but you aren’t aware of any service or a situation in which you want a single message…

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July 1, 2018

TBS Planet Mega Anniversary Sale

We are a generation of people who keep a different world in our hands. Yes, social media has completely taken charge over our world and now it is a great…

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May 18, 2018

Find 6 Differences in these two identical looking frames

If you can spot the differences in 2 minutes, you are a genius! 😀 Share with your friends and see if they can crack this.

An Entrepreneur has to be an Expert Generalist

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There is a strong need to understand the term ‘EXPERT GENERALIST’ as growing diversification in the era of innovation, continuously demands fostering knowledge in 360 degrees. Expert Generalist is the term used for a person or an individual who tends to develop abilities and become expert through intensifying and developing his general knowledge in all the visible and invisible directions with invincible determination and curiosity. Recent trends show that people are more diverted to be a polymath and create jobs rather than walking on a single road, whole life. And this is how, interest in entrepreneurship is increasing.

Entrepreneurs are expected to be multidimensional and pragmatic as they are responsible for creating jobs and expanding the industry. And it all starts from being a street-smart than a bookworm, and this is how all the successful entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Benjamin Franklin worked for years. They not only worked on a single concept but searched for multiple disciplines which not only helped them to accomplish their ambitions but also many other dreams. If you decide to be an entrepreneur at this instantaneous time, you’re expected to have saliva of all tastes.

Now, the question is how to be a street-smart? And yes, this is quite perplexing, but it can be resolved by figuring out the needs of surroundings, and start understanding them. For instance, if you see a man in front of you, whose car’s engine failed and he is asking for your help. If you’re just a software engineer, you probably won’t go for it rather you’ll call a mechanic and leave. Yes, you were successful in helping him but how did you help yourself? Now, if you’re a street-smart, you’ll start with trying to solve the problem all by yourself, if it doesn’t work, your next step would be to call a mechanic and to stand there and observe, how car’s engine is repaired, what all parts are required etc. etc. and now you at least know the name of parts or the actual problem which arouse. This is how you learned something new. This is similar to the situation when entrepreneurs are amateurs and they work all by themselves. They tend to be self-dependent and extra engaging. They observe their surroundings and response of different people, to their products. They try to build a new strategy every time and experiment it, which makes them multi-potential and helps them to sustain.

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How corporates fool employees: April fool’s day special

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Being in a corporate world, it is very crucial to know the tactics and strategies of corporate world. Corporates have a general tendency to fool their employees so that no employee can complain and work in a way that they achieve their maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. So, on this April fool’s day, we present you these hilarious comic strips which depict how employees are tricked easily by their boss, so that they are bound to work happily and these strips are surely going to help you in identifying you boss’s mind and plans which are used against you.

1.  Proud of being team lead, Huh?


2.  Excuses for not promoting!


3. Art of exchanging days!


4.  Boss is smart!


Best five corporate hacks!

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Are you looking for the tricks which could make your employees work more? Or want employees to stay and work with you without any gripes? Then, this is absolutely, the right place for you. We are aware of the anomalies caused in the corporate world and hence, we bring you these five comic strips on corporate hacks and tragedies which would bring giggles on your face and maybe these can help in getting you corporated! So, have a good read!

1.  Trustworthy Management. 

2. Inspiration comes from everywhere!



3.  Mixed Feelings.



4.  Team leads aren’t at a premium.

5. Being industrious not helping anymore